Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Take Website Screenshots with our RESTful Screenshot API


GrabzIt's REST API allows you to captures URL's or HTML entirely using RESTful techniques. Before you start please read the following caveats carefully depending on your use case one of our other API solutions maybe more suitable.

  • - Some features such as merging and encrypting captures are not available through this REST API. To use these features you will need to use another API Library
  • - Do not use this API on the client side, it will expose your Application Key! Instead use the JavaScript API

To get started just select what you want to do from the filter below and the available parameters will be displayed along with a basic example.

When making requests please ensure all parameter values are URL encoded. in to view your Application Key&format=&

When converting HTML all parameters must be posted in the request body as key-value pairs. Ensure all parameter values are URL encoded, and the content type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

    -d key=Sign in to view your Application Key 
    -d format= 
    -d html=%3Ch1%3EConvert%20Me%21%3C%2Fh1%3E    

The capture will then be returned in the HTTP response. The following additional options are also available with this type of capture, all of which are optional except for those marked as required. When testing the API functionality we recommend using Postman to simplify the process.

Error Handling

If there is some issue with the request you have made to the API, a JSON object will be returned explaining the error. The best way to determine this is to check the content type of the response before processing, if its application/json an error has occurred. The error code found in the JSON follows the standard list of codes.

    "Result": false,
    "Code":"URL is missing",